We Have Our Village!

I am so excited about this!  We have been assigned a village in Uganda.  It is Bugiri 1, Uganda.

With your support, together – we are saving a village of more than 15,000 from common preventable and treatable diseases, like the Dysentery, the #3 killer in East Africa. Here is your village profile information where we will be drilling your well.

Village: Burgiri 1

Parish: Bugiri

Sub County:  Kasasira

County:  Kibuku

District:  Pallisa

Population:  Adults  5,000     Children 10,300

Water Source:  River Water

Distance:   6 kilometres

The name of this village is Bugiri 1 located in Eastern Uganda. Bugiri 1 is a densely populated village up in the Pallisa District which is at a high elevation and has a very dry and desolate climate. There are 5000 adults and 10,300 children in Bugiri. In the areas surrounding Bugiri 1, there is a primary school, a Trading Centre, and a Health Centre. All of the people who use these would find great benefit in having a well in Bugiri 1.

The current water source for Bugiri 1 is a river 6 kilometers (3.6 miles) away. The river is a source shared with animals and also is used as a swimming pool. The animals contaminate the water, posing serious health hazards.

Many times, the children of the home are responsible for collecting the water, mostly the girls. This forces them to stay home and not attend school. The river is also a place for fishing. Tragically, many of the fishermen corrupt under-aged children as they come to collect water. Not only is this something no child should face, they are often exposed to HIV as well.

Your donation to drill a well in Bugiri 1 will make a huge difference for the people in and around the village. Disease will go down, the children will be able to attend school, the girls will be safe from the fishermen.

The following photos were taken at Bugiri 1 so you can identify with the need there.


One Response to “We Have Our Village!”

  1. Yvonne Gill Says:

    Dear Melissa,
    I am wondering if I could be involved in making a dress for a little girl in Burgiri, Uganda and also another one for my grand daughter Carmen who is 6 years old, but a big 6, she wears size 10 or 12 already.
    Love Yvonne Gill

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